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Praying to St. Jude will improve your life if you take it very seriously in your heart. You must create your own connection with the Saint of hopeless cases by concentrating, having faith in him, and meditating on your own.  Even though there is no specific rule to recite the novena, it is traditionally recited several times per day for 9 days.  You may chose a prayer as used by other people and you can read those in the pages to follow.  Otherwise, you may write your own as simply or with as many details you feel necessary. Personally, I feel the more details the better, to allow the patron Saint to understand your situation. 


Publishing your message is a very important step in this process.

Why must I publish my message?

The St. Jude novena is unique in that traditionally when you pray to St. Jude you are told you must "promise to publish your request or thanks and encourage devotion to St. Jude".  What does this mean? By publishing your message, you demonstrate your faith and commitment to letting God through St. Jude  help bring change to your life.  This faith is an important step in showing our openness to receiving God's response to our prayers.  Without such conviction, all of our prayers are doomed to fail.   

In addition, by publishing, you record a testimony of your own experience and faith, which will inspire others to turn to God through St. Jude during their own times of greatest need.    It is the best way to share the powerful message that we are not left alone in this difficult world to fend for ourselves;  there is someone who loves us and WANTS us to turn to Him with the help of St. Jude, to assist us in carrying the burdens we cannot carry ourselves. By adding a record of your experience to all the people over the years who have sought St. Jude's help, you join a tightly-knit community that knows what it's like to endure life's troubles, yet still stubbornly refuses to give up hope !

If I just tell a friend and leave a note in the church, isn't that "publishing my message and encouraging devotion"?

Yes, but having true faith and accepting the plan that God has for us means more than just believing and being quiet about it.  For just as St. Jude traveled the world and continued to teach and encourage all who he met, we are called to do more than just the bare minimum in demonstrating our faith to others.  We should try to reach as many people as possible with our message.

Why not just sign an online guestbook or buy a newspaper ad?

Online guestbooks are a starting point in your relationship with St. Jude, but they are usually limited:

  • many do not update their sites often, and so they do not attract a steady flow of visitors.
  • they often delete your message after a certain period of time (something this site NEVER does.)
  • they usually provide very little original content to inform, encourage, and interest their visitors in devotion to St. Jude.
  • they rarely respond to your message personally.

Newspapers will charge a price per line of your message, only display your ad for one day, and never respond personally to you.   Worse, there's no way to know who is actually seeing your ad.

Why should I publish my message on the St. Jude Prayer Site?

The St. Jude Prayer Site wants to offer a more personalized, interactive experience with its visitors.  That is why we provide the most extensive, original information related to St. Jude--information that is updated regularly. We strive to present the REAL message of St. Jude's Novena and what it means to you, as well as the power of collective prayer.  In addition, you will receive a confirmation of your posting by e-mail (your e-mail address will only be used by our website and will not be sold or given to any other organizations.)  Moreover, in this e-mail to you we will include a personal note - hopefully the first of many encouragements to come during your prayer process.  In addition, our website attracts
thousands of visitors a month--people seeking information on subjects like prayer, spiritual comfort, and hopelessness.  In short, these are the people you should be publishing for and who need your encouragement to turn to St. Jude!

In return for publicizing your message, we ask for a modest payment of
.  Your contribution will help expand the ministry efforts of this website as the best-known resource for promoting the good news of praying to St. Jude across the internet, and to increase the visibility of the testimonials people have publicized in this site.

So if I don't pay to publish, my prayer won't be answered?

Whether your prayers are answered does not depend on paying to publish.  It's up to you
to be full of faith and truly open to receiving God's message. However, if you are serious about reaching the largest number of people with your testimony, and truly encouraging devotion to St. Jude, we believe publishing on this website is a great way to do it!    

Last, but not least you can perform other acts of devotion to St Jude:


• •

Recite every day, morning and evening a prayer to St Jude and a say Our Father,

Hail Mary, Gloria in his honor.

• •

Wear his medal and kiss it frequently especially during temptations of the spirit, keep on display in your home his miraculous image.

• •

On the 28th of each month, the day dedicated to the St. Jude, spend all day showing special devotion to him.

• •

Frequently attend Mass.

• •

Perform good deeds.

A novena to St. Jude has never been known to fail for those who maintain a strong posture of faith that God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes for us.  For some people, by the end of the 9 days, they will see some visible, concrete proof that their request has been granted.  For others, they may receive something that is not what they asked for, but turns out to be what they REALLY needed at this point in their lives.  And for others, they may experience a newly-found feeling of hope and peace of spirit, that brings with it the sense that they ARE NOT GOING THROUGH THEIR DIFFICULTY ALONE. The beautiful power of the St. Jude novena is that people can have their requests answered in ways or times they may not have expected.  The important thing is to believe that you WILL experience a change, and don't despair if you do not receive an instant answer.  Often the path to finding true healing of mind, body, or spirit is a process that will only be fully visible and appreciated after an extended period of time.  Praying to St. Jude is the first step in that process. 

Publishing your prayer is the next step in having your requests heard by St. Jude.