Welcome to the St. Jude Prayer Website


St Jude is the Saint of Hopeless cases. Follow this website and you too will get help!

Are you suffering? Are you feeling anxiety, depression, devastation from the problems that life brings?

No matter if you have a relationship or a marriage that you are trying to save, a health problem that you must heal from, a financial situation that is seeming unresolvable, you MUST take a step backwards.


Breathe deeply.

Let’s begin together by believing that sometimes problems must be handed over to a higher power. Now it is time to really have faith in a miraculous solution to be brought to us.  But how? Keep reading and you too will find out how this website will help you with your St. Jude prayer requests.

Well, it was 15 years ago that my husband and I were introduced to St. Jude, the patron Saint of hopeless cases, by our mentor.  At the time he reassured us that if we would just concentrate our energy, believe in his special powers, he would intercede on our behalf.  Our requests and needs would be granted allowing for our lives to return to normal.  This was a case of discovering that one of our employees stole thousands of dollars in a short period of time.  The business was very well established in the Computer industry and our sales had peaked that year to $3,000,000. Her skills so remarkable, it was all performed so openly and nonchalantly that one would never suspect a fraud of such magnitude.  She had taken all the money from not only the high balance of the checking account, but also from our line of credit.  Upon discovery of such a disaster, we panicked and realized that the damage was so large; we could not even imagine how to begin to recover.  Having come so close to filing for Bankruptcy, we really listened carefully to the instructions that our mentor gave us.  We began to learn about the life of St. Jude and how he became the patron St. of hopeless cases.  This is why I have written a story for you to read about him in the following pages.  While becoming informed about him and his special powers, we concentrated our energy and meditated to feel him in our hearts and souls. But was that all? No, of course not.  We learned that though he is the patron St. of hopeless cases, we would owe him, in turn for his intercession: spreading the message to demonstrate your faith.  This would inspire other people during their hardships to turn to St. Jude for help.  Well, we continued our venture.  We began by writing a prayer that read as follows:


“Dearest St. Jude, patron of hopeless cases, please help our family by giving us the strength that we need to continue to work through this terrible time in our business.  Please see that we do not lose our company because of the fraud that we were a victim of.  Please see that our suppliers will accept the restructuring plan as proposed by us in order to continue to do business as usual.”


We prayed, meditated, and held our hands together for nine days, three times a day.  Every night we would go to sleep and kept our faith that he really was listening to us.  To show our devotion, we published our prayer three times in the local paper.  Today the internet will allow us to publish our prayer requests very effectively where people from all over the world will be able to read.  This is a website dedicated to spreading devotion to St. Jude. Your messages when published on the website will stay posted and people from all over the world could read them as many times as you need. As our faith, strength and positive attitude continued to show through to our suppliers, they finally accepted our restructuring proposal.  This was for us a major success, as we were allowed to continue business as usual.  At this point, so enthusiastic of this breakthrough, we of course began to thank St. Jude with a thank you message that was also published in the local paper:


“ Thank you St. Jude patron Saint of hopeless cases for interceding during this crisis that seemed impossible to resolve.”


From that moment I began to want to spread the word so that other people would identify somewhat with what we went through and just by following some basic guidelines they too would receive help.  Finally, after many conversations with people that were in desperate need of help, I collected a series of prayer messages and thank you notes that were published.  As you will read these messages you will feel the inspiration and hope that you will need in order to begin the process yourself.


However insurmountable your problem may seem:






Pray, Believe, Publish and Receive. 

St. Jude will be there for you too.